Industrial Chiller

The TH-80 Industrial Chiller: the ultimate solution for precise refrigeration and thermal control. With advanced features like a powerful Scroll compressor, high-performance brazed plate heat exchanger, and efficient microchannel condenser, it sets a new standard for efficiency and reliability. The multistage water pump and dual circuit option ensure a constant and reliable water flow, even in high-capacity applications. Its rugged bended sheet metal structure guarantees exceptional durability, perfectly suited for demanding industrial environments. The Programmable Logic Controller provides precise control and customization, while seamless integration with ModBUS, BACNet, and Lonworks allows compatibility with existing systems. With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, effortlessly monitor and control the chiller remotely, maximizing convenience and efficiency. The TH-80 Industrial Chiller offers superior performance and efficiency.


  • Compressor type: Scroll
  • Evaporator type: Brazed plate heat exchanger
  • Condenser Type: Microchannel
  • Water pump: Multistage
  • Number of Circuits: Single up to TH15 and dual starting in TH25
  • Structure: Bended sheet metal
  • Piping: AISI 304 or High-pressure hoses
  • Controller: Programmable Logic Controller
  • Communication: ModBUS, BACNet and Lonworks
  • Conectivity: Wi-fi module


  • Capacity: 74 kW
  • Power: 34.9 kW
  • Water tank: 36.4 Gal.
  • Dimensions (in): Height: 90 | Length: 87 | Width: 39
  • Weight: 2420 lbs
  • Water Flow: 115.72 gpm

Prevent moisture issues


Improves air quality

Boost dry process


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