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Humidity control for Flowers

Dehumidifiers for Production of Flowers

The flower market is responsible for more than 199 thousand jobs. The floriculture sector has earned more than R$7.2 million in 2017, way more than in the year before (2016), when they earned R$6.6 million according to Ibraflor (Brazilian Institute of Floriculture).

Brazilian florists are changing the way of cultivating flowers, especially orchids. There are more than 30 thousand species, and cultivating orchids is considered one of the greatest hobbies of the world.

The culture of orchids is usually carried out in greenhouses. From the plantation of seedlings up to the sale, the estimate time is 1 year and 8 months of cultivation, if nothing goes wrong.

The orchids grows in environments with high air humidity. Under natural climate conditions, ambient humidity is from 60% to 70%, and may reach 90% (depending on the time of the year). According to the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation – Embrapa, humidity levels above 90% are harmful to plants, as it reduces the absorption of nutrients and favors the development of fungal diseases. Among the diseases that may be noticed on orchids, is the emergence of stains, speckles, mold, and rust.

The air dehumidifier controls the ambient humidity, maintaining it at a level that does not harm the plant and, at the same time, stop the emergence and propagation of fungi and bacteria. In addition to prevent losses, having a dehumidifier is a competitive advantage to ensure quality of the plant. The equipment also controls the flowering of seedlings so they may be sold throughout the year and not only in specific times of the year.

The dehumidifier condenses the water present in the air as vapor in a cold surface. Humidity removed from the air is kept in a reservoir tank, that stores water and that may be used to water plants or clean the room, for example. Thermomatic Desidrat dehumidifiers remove up to 480 liters of water per day.

Check the testimony of one of our clients:

“When humidity is too high, there may be propagation of fungi and bacteria. So the dehumidifiers are important, because when we reduce humidity we prevent the emergence of diseases in plants, ensuring their quality”, explains the partner-owner of ItapetiOrchids Center, Nelson Kadamoto. Itapedi cultivates more than one million seedlings per year.

Ensure the quality and sale of plants throughout the whole year and, also, contribute to the environment!

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