About Thermomatic

With over 40 years of experience in the dehumidifiers market, we bring innovative solutions to meet your needs.

Thermomatic is a global company, pioneering in the manufacturing of air
dehumidifiers in South America. As a market leader with four decades of tradition,we produce equipment  for industrial, commercial and residential environments
 across dozens of business segments with mapped applications.

With a rich legacy as a pioneer in room dehumidifiers manufacturing, Thermomatic offers a comprehensive range of top-quality products meticulously crafted to address humidity control and air quality concerns. Our innovative solutions guarantee optimal comfort and a healthier environment.

Experience the difference with Thermomatic and unlock a new level of excellence in humidity control and air care.

Mission Thermomatic


To spread awareness about the truth regarding the relationship between air humidity, health, and asset preservation, enabling individuals and businesses to achieve a significant rise in quality of life.




To be recognized as the leading company in air dehumidifiers, offering the largest product line in Latin America and being the foremost advocate of humidity control culture worldwide.



To promote the culture of air humidity control and facilitate access to solutions, contributing to the health and protection against the effects of excessive humidity in homes, businesses, and industries.

Technology & Innovation for Wellness

Social Responsibility -

Thermomatic support social projects in partnership with the Rotary Club, Viverde Magazine, and Our Lady of Fatima Social Action.

Lady of Fatima Social Action Internship Opportunities: students from this institution have internship opportunities with the possibility of being hired for a fulltime job.

Wake of the Waters Project promotes social inclusion and the restoration of self-determination through music. By donating musical instruments, it facilitates the removal of children from the streets through their artistic potential.

Thermomatic Code of Ethics -

To make our principles explicit and reaffirm our business values, we have published a Practical Guide to Personal and Professional Conduct to be used in daily interactions and decisions. This material is intended for the company's administrators, employees, and service providers, in order to clarify and specify our fundamental principles:

  • The customer is the reason for the company's existence
  • We act with ethics and transparency in all our relationships with customers, partners, employees, and suppliers
  • We believe in the value of people and their capacity for development
  • We respect the dignity of every individual, preserving their individuality and privacy, and we do not tolerate discrimination based on social status, religious belief, race, sexual orientation, political ideology, nor any other
  • We take responsibility for our involvement in the Third Sector and our social and environmental participation
  • We consistently demonstrate our ability to face different economic cycles and the dynamics of social changes with courage and determination


Thermomatic aims to defend free enterprise, stimulate business growth (especially for micro and small enterprises), and create and offer products and services designed to generate business in specific market areas. Our thoughts and objectives goals align with the premises of our category's associations.

Our conduct directly depends on the performance and dedication of all individuals involved with the company, strictly following the ethical standards they are encouraged and responsible for, considering the following principles:

  • Respecting the dignity of individuals, integrity, and privacy of our customers, colleagues, service providers, suppliers, competitors, and partners
  • Complying with applicable laws, regulations, and standards.
  • Acting responsibly to gain and maintain the trust of everyone involved
  • Cooperating to achieve the company's purposes
  • Using received information exclusively within the scope of the duties involved, in order to avoid breaching trust and legal applications governed by laws applicable to just cause
  • Declining advantages intended to influence decisions in professional activities
  • Avoiding any form of harassment within or outside the organization's work environment
  • Maintaining confidentiality regarding the company's operations and strategies
Social Environmental Responsibility Policy +

We are committed to a fair society and protecting the environment, ensuring improvements in the quality of future lives. Our management is directly linked to the company's Code of Ethics, and we actively contribute to nature preservation by minimizing the use of natural resources, controlling harmful substances, recycling, and supporting institutions that aim to enhance human intellectual capacity.


We undoubtedly care about the environment and sustainable development. Therefore, we minimize the use of natural resources, reuse water through rainwater harvesting tanks, and recycle production and office materials.

We carefully select suppliers to ensure they have the same premises, quality, and protection that the environment deserves. We use R134A gas, recognized by official certifications for its contribution to ozone layer preservation.

Top Green Seal

We participate in Embraco's TOP GREEN Program, responsibly retrieving and recycling their compressors, giving them an appropriate destination.

Viverde Magazine

For advertising and publicity, we preferentially select communication vehicles whose objective is to transmit the importance of nature in the environment we live in, such as Viverde Magazine (environmental publication). Its copies are distributed for free in São Paulo, disseminating environmental awareness through informative, attractive, and altruistic content.

We support the creation of the first environmental program in WebTV format in Brazil, which aims to raise the awareness for change by addressing these urgent issues. Priscila Kirsner, the live program anchor, states:

"Believing that communication can be the best tool for knowledge dissemination, we expanded the Fiscals of Nature project beyond the borders of the NGO and launched the Fiscals of Nature program with live interviews. The internet is a great ally; it knows no boundaries.”

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