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The Turning Point in Industrial Humidity Control

Quality, Precision and much more!

Desidrat - dehumidifiers

We have the perfect Desidrat for you!

Achieve optimal humidity levels for industries, homes, and businesses. Prevent damage, improve quality, and enhance comfort. Protect your environment with effective control solutions.

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Why have a product from


Owning a Thermomatic product is essential for effectively controlling humidity and ensuring well-being in a variety of environments. It safeguards your equipment against mold growth, while maintaining product quality. Using Thermomatic, you can effectively regulate humidity, thereby creating a healthier environment.

moisture control for wellness, health and confort


For Industries

Dehumidifiers for Industries

Developed to protect materials and ensure the quality of the final product.

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For Business

Dehumidifiers for office

Ensures the protection of equipments, data center infrastructure, promoting well-being.

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For Your Home

Dehumidifiers for home

Humidity control for rooms, kitchens, and much more home areas.

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Dehumidifier DS-1050

Desiccant - DS-1050

Efficient Desidrat DS-1050 removes moisture in low temps, adsorbing air with silica for controlled, drier industrial environment.

Dehumidifier DS-2000

Desiccant - DS-2000

The DS-2000 ensures humidity control in low temps using silica adsorption. Desiccant rotor removes moisture indoors.

Dehumidifier DS-5000

Desiccant - DS-5000

The DS 5000 equipment, designed for industrial use. Ideal for processes needing humidity levels ≤ 30% or temperatures below 59°F. Consider space availability.

Dehumidifier Plus 10.000

Plus 10.000

High-performance industrial air dehumidifier. Powerful compressor, dual turbines. Ideal for various industries and applications.

Dehumidifier Plus 25.000

Plus 25.000

The most powerful dehumidifier, removes up to 126 gallons of water per day. Ideal for various industries.

Dehumidifier TH9


Industrial Chiller: advanced features ensure unmatched efficiency and reliability. Precise control, seamless integration, and remote monitoring.

Dehumidifier TH45


Industrial Chiller: Unleash exceptional efficiency, reliability, and precise control. Seamlessly integrated with remote monitoring for peak performance.

Dehumidifier TH100


Industrial Chiller: Unlock unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and precise control. Seamlessly integrated for optimal performance and remote monitoring capabilities.

Where to Use our

Humidity Control Solutions

Check out some applications where our products offer solutions for improved quality and efficiency.

Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetics Industry

Radiology Rooms

Radiology Rooms

Cinema Rooms

Cinema Rooms

Textile Industry

Textile Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Construction Industry

Construction Industry

Maritime Vessels

Maritime Vessels

Paper Industry

Paper Industry







Know Thermomatic

Get to Know Thermomatic

Located in the South Zone of São Paulo, Thermomatic do Brasil operates in the market with the production and sale of equipment that promotes well-being and people's health.
A pioneer in the country in the manufacture of room dehumidifiers, it has a complete line of products for humidity control and air quality care, suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

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