• 07/07/2023
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Dehumidifiers for the Textile Industry

Dehumidifiers Prevent Losses in the Textile Segment

Being in a pleasant environment with an adequate temperature is essential for the health and preservation of products, but we not always find these conditions in work environments.

For textile industries, if there is not a constant verification of the temperature and control of the RH (relative humidity of the air) in the environment of the production lines and storage, there is a great possibility of occurring losses.

The fibers of the fabric may be severely damaged, visibly affecting the quality of the raw material and the pieces that are ready, which makes them unusable. And even influence in the employee’s health, as the high humidity is one of the main causes of respiratory allergies, malaise, and irritation in the eyes and throat.

Thermomatic Solutions

For controlling relative humidity and keeping a healthy room

Thermomatic provides several dehumidifier models for all textile applications, as well as for other sectors.

The most suitable models for textile industries are:

Desidrat Plus 5000, which has capacity to dehumidify areas of 5,000 m³

And the top-of-the-line equipment in terms of capacity and performance, which are:

  • • Desidrat Plus 10000, for 10,000 m³
  • • Desidrat Plus 15000, for 15,000 m³
  • • Desidrat Plus 25000, for 25,000 m³


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